beta v0.9.7.10

General usage

Create/register new user account

Under the Login menu you can find the Login form.In the bottom of this form you can find the create a new account link, which brings you to the form where you can fill out the registration form with your data:
User name,
e-mail address.
You can save your data by clicking on the 'Create user' button. Under these required fields you can find a 'Personal data' part where you can fill in you personal data and set the privacy level of each field.
It is Mandatory to accept the terms of usage before registration. You can do this by checking the checkbox above the 'Create user' button in the 'terms of usage' section.
NOTE: the data given here will be used in the system to show your personal data (of course only if you gave permission to it) and in case the organizers need your address,mailing address or the other informations that can be filled out here the system will show it to them from here. Personal data can be filled later too after logging in under the menu 'Personal-> Personal' using the 'Edit user' button.


Under the Login menu you can find the Login form. After filling the 'Username' and 'Password' fields you have to press the 'Login' button.

Apply to an event

Requirements: only registered users can apply to an event.
NOTE: You have to add your dog to the database before you could register to an event. The way of application is the following:

  1. Go to menu Events
  2. Look for the event you would like to register to (whether by scrolling or by giving in the search parameters in the 'Event search' panel)
  3. On the right side of the list you will see the 'Apply' button and the 'Apply' dropdown. By clicking on the dropdown you will see that all your dogs that haven't been registered to the event are listed and you can choose from this list. When you click on the dog you want to register to the event, the 'Application entry form' will be shown and the fields will be filled with your data and your dog's data (if you filled these data out during the registration and when you've added the dog).
  4. On the 'Application entry form' you can check if all the data is correct and change them if you want
  5. You can send your registration by clicking on the 'Save entry form' button

Usage as event organizer

Adding an event

All registered users are allowed now(!) to create an event on the site.
By default Event organizer privileges would be needed for a user to be able to create an event. You have to be logged in to be able to reach this functionality. You can start the 'Create an event' form from various places:

  1. Menu 'Events'->'Add new event'
  2. Menu 'Personal'->'Add new event'
  3. Menu 'Personal'->'Personal'->'Add new event' button

Accepting online entries

You have to allow the acceptance of online entries (otherwise the 'Apply' buttons won't show up on the pages)
Requirements: the user who created the event must check the 'Accept online entries' checkbox on the event.

Recording results

Requirements: By default Event organizer privileges would be needed for a user to be able to be able to record results. An event organizer (who added the event) can modify the results of his/her event.
Recording results for an agility event:

  1. Open the event
  2. Go to the 'Runs' tab
    1. On the list of runs in the second column you can see small icons, find the one that says 'Record results' and click on it
    2. OrOpen the runs info page by clicking on the name of the run, and click on the 'Record results' button
  3. NOTEOn the 'Results' tab of the run you will see only those dogs/entries where the entry's status is ACCEPTED
    You simply fill in the time,mistakes and refusals values and click on 'Save' button to save the results. The system automatically determines the ranking of all results.
    NOTE If you select 'disqualified' or 'not started' in the Qualification column, then the time,mistake and refusal fields will be automatically zeroed out and the result will be shown at the end of the result list

Authorization levels:

Event organizer

During the test phase of the site all registered users have this privilege, but this can be removed later.Rendezvény szervező jogosultsággal kell rendelkezni a bevezetés alatt mindenki rendelkezik ezzel a Existing event's data (event properties,results) can be modified only by the user who created the event.

Applying to events

All registered users have the privilege to apply to events.