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Name Call name Colour Gender Reg.Id Birthdate Breed  
Bora Black female Mixed View
Karel Black male 06/13/2015 Mixed View
Black female Mixed View
Blacky Black female 04/11/2016 Mixed View
Black-white female Border Collie View
female Malinois View
male no data View
female Malinois View
Marigold Stars Dazzling Electra Karma Black female 10/30/2016 Caniche (Poodle) View
A Beautiful Lie 'Jazzy' Jazzy Black female Border Collie View
A Bolt From the Blue by the Lake Kelly Black female 2013/10 05/02/2010 Border Collie View
A3Ch. Earl Ziggy dei Matiblu Ziggy Black male Border Collie View
A3Ch.Earl Ziggy dei Matiblu Ziggy Black Border Collie View
Abira Zathara Aby female MET. Rsz. Coll. 3/H/16 06/05/2015 Collie Smooth View
Abrandos Ádáz Black female FI12813/09 12/14/2008 Mudi View
Abrandos Alezredes Blue male FI12814/09 12/14/2008 Mudi View
Abrandos Alhadnagy Fawn male FI12816/09 12/14/2008 Mudi View
Abrandos Altábornagy Fawn male FI12815/09 12/14/2008 Mudi View
Abrandos Ehetetlen Black male FI44407/11 07/06/2011 Mudi View
Abrandos Ékszer Black female FI44409/11 07/06/2011 Mudi View
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